Stop complaining: Your angry tweets have become meaningless

Your angry tweets have become meaningless. There's an increasing tendency to immediately roast brands on social media, no matter how trivial your issue.  Just stop it now.

Don’t blame the technology – a crisis management reminder

From a reputation management perspective, it’s time to take IT security seriously – before it puts you out of business: The implications of a WannaCry ransomware infection.

The price of losing your reputation? Ask United Airlines

In the end, the price for United Airlines of losing its reputation came down to the cost of four seats on a flight from Chicago to Louisville, KY – a round trip that usually costs less than $400 in coach. As you’ve probably already seen, as it’s all over the news and social media, [...]

The growing privacy problem and why it is a threat to your digital identity

“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”. This famous saying was coined in 1993 by cartoonist Peter Steiner, and published by The New Yorker. Over the years, this has come to refer to the fact that, thanks to the anonymity of the internet, both people and things are not necessarily who or what [...]

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Why social is a threat to DIY marketers

It has already turned journalism on its head, now social media is set to do the same to traditional marketing, writes Andrea Jones.

Was this just too Uber arrogant?

Ride-sharing firm Uber is edgy and disruptive, I get that. It’s part of the way that Uber positions itself to the market – it’s a hip service, not something stuffy and tired like a regular taxi. In fact, Uber goes to great lengths to underline that it’s not a taxi service.