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When you’re planning a moonshot, then it’s important to get the timing and the trajectory right. Just one degree of error and you’ll actually miss the target!

We roll up our sleeves to help you determine what you’re trying to communicate, why it’s special, when you’re ready to go out with your message, where you need to be in the market, who you’re aiming at, and how you’ll do it.

Then we find the wow factor to make it special. For print, online, social and own media – across the board.

Destrier’s senior staff are deeply experienced in helping clients develop compelling storytelling to power lift-off efforts. To achieve best results means engaging early, and not when you’re ready to start talking to reporters – because by then, it’s too late to refine and test your key differentiators, or to start work on your unfair advantages.

We live and breathe Corporate Communications – from start-ups making their first announcement, through M&A advisory, to corporates declaring their annual results.

Our team draws on decades of experience in Corporate Comms.

Whether it’s media relations, internal comms, analyst relations or customer relations, we’re on the case.

There’s nothing we love more than working behind the scenes – as advisors to communications professionals at all levels. Although we’re often out of sight, we’re definitely not out of mind!

The day an internal issue breaks into the open is certainly not the right time to begin formulating your crisis management strategy – yet this happens all too often.

We provide support from behind the curtain. Clients appreciate our grace under pressure in providing discreet but highly effective issues management support for incidents of all shapes and sizes – to make sure you’re prepared for (or at least, able to respond to) every eventuality.

We’ve developed what we call the “fire combustion triangle” – three key things any issue needs to escalate into a crisis. By removing just one of these three, you have a chance of putting out the flames. There’s more on our blog.

We’re not just there for a rainy day – truly effective issues management is conceived and tested long in advance of any clouds appearing on the horizon.

There’s growing demand for analyst relations services, as companies of all sizes place a greater emphasis on influencing the influencers.

Analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, the 451 Group and HfS have a hand in buying decisions, vendor shortlisting and even reviewing RFPs, operating in the IT sector, telecoms, aviation and selected other industries.

However, a lot of companies end up paying for “PR AR”, provided by PR firms that don’t really understand the dark arts of true Analyst Relations, and treat analysts like reporters: An approach that can end up doing more harm than good.

Destrier enjoys a strategic partnership with the Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) to provide comprehensive advisory services to clients looking to better understand the world of AR, backed by Destrier’s full range of white label AR program management services.

Clients call us their “secret weapon” for good reason.

It’s because we’re an extension of any marketing department.

We can help, whether you need additional firepower at peak times in your events calendar, an expert to develop a winning PowerPoint presentation or a fully-featured sales enablement program.

Our team is responsive, agile and always able to provide an alternative approach.

We’ll scale according to your needs. We’re equally able to deliver results when working from your offices, remotely, or in a hybrid combination.

And there’s more …

Media Relations

To achieve effective media coverage, you've got to give reporters what they need

Your communications frontline

To achieve truly effective media relations, you’ve got to give reporters what they want – and not what you think they want. As veteran newshounds, it’s in our blood.

Internal Comms

Make sure your staff are informed and motivated through effective comms.

Don't overlook employee relations

The best communications start at home – with your own staff. Communications are truly effective when everyone’s focused on the same goals. We’ll help you get your people on the same page.

Speaker coaching

The best messages are only ever as good as the messenger

Make that soundbite count

Destrier’s media and communications training services ensure that your key spokespeople are equipped with the tools of the trade – and know what it takes to get the message through.

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