This is what enterprise peer review success looks like

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This is what enterprise peer review success looks like By Simon Jones at Destrier When we start implementing enterprise peer review programs for clients, we're often challenged by skeptical executives, who ask: Show me what success looks like. This is driven by a degree of doubt that the vendor "can ever catch up" with the leaders on an enterprise peer review site like G2 or Gartner Peer Insights, [...]

Gartner opens up peer review awards to vendor funding

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After spending millions on gift cards as rewards for people leaving reviews on Peer Insights, Gartner is opening up the program to allow vendor-funded incentives. The “Technology Provider Funded Gift Cards Program” is coming soon - probably launching along with the new Peer Insights methodology in early August.

Gartner Peer Insights grows up, widens net

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Changes announced today to Gartner Peer Insights methodology - effective January 31 - underline how the peer reviews site has grown up, and signal a new strategy from Gartner. But the changes also signal the start of a new crackdown on vendors, in particular to discourage - and possibly penalize - the cherrypicking of top references.

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