The era of the self-service buyer

Review sites for enterprise technology and services are changing the enterprise buyer landscape – fast. Buyers are choosing vendors based on peer reviews and ratings. When they’re ready to engage with vendors, shortlists have been made and vendor capabilities already compared.

Why are enterprise peer reviews so popular?

Millions of reviews online from enterprise buyers

Strong performance in organic search

Reviews on reputable sites are screened before acceptance

Free to access for buyers

Buyers love:

  • Unbiased insights from their peers

  • The ability to compare vendors before engaging with vendor sales

Vendors love:

  • The rich data provided by reviews and ratings – from a previously untapped source

  • The kudos from leading rankings, and featuring as a buyer’s favorite

Destrier is the global leader in delivering peer review programs for enterprise technology vendors.

Extensive IP enabling our clients to win the reviews lottery

A long track record in delivering results – fast

A maturity model to show clients what peer reviews success looks like – today, tomorrow, and into the future

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