How to listen to the true voice of the customer – and escape the advisory board echo chamber

Are you listening to your customers?

Enterprise peer review sites provide tech vendors with an exciting alternative to Customer Advisory Boards – which, let’s face it, can often be an echo chamber.

Review sites are different – because they’re where vendors gain feedback from an entire spectrum of customers at different stages of their journey. This means access to new data that was previously out of reach.

Destrier enables tech vendors to tap into this data and get to the truth – fast. Perhaps that new pricing policy isn’t quite as popular as you hoped? Are there under-promoted features that your customers love?

Are you acting on what’s learned?

We frequently amaze tech vendors with data insights that we’ve drawn from enterprise peer review sites.

The availability of new insights is a key benefit of engaging with the enterprise peer review sites. Once you’re up and running in sourcing reviews, it’s time to focus on the rich stream of data they provide.

Sentiment analysis and recommendations for competitive selling are two of the most popular data points among vendors. Why wait any longer to find out what your customers really think?

Here’s what customers say
about their experiences in working with Destrier

Head of AR, leading industrial multinational

Destrier delivered amazing results in a very short time with a proven methodology we were unable to achieve organically.

In six weeks, we’ve gone from zero reviews to having upwards of 40 customers leaving a review and we expect this number to increase as we get closer to our Magic Quadrant deadline.

We wouldn’t have made the MQ without Destrier’s help in Peer Insights and the professional consulting and enablement Destrier provided.”

Head of AR, business communications solutions provider

“Destrier is our strategic partner in driving and growing our global Analyst Relations program. Our long-time partnership has proven invaluable.
Across our company, we count on the Destrier team to provide guidance, insights and recommendations into industry best practices.”

Customer Marketing Manager, leading process mining vendor

“Destrier guided us in establishing a peer reviews program, which took us straight to the top of the vendor rankings. The Destrier team provided hands-on support in standing up a strategic reviews program and enabling us to approach customers to provide reviews.

Thanks to best-in-class advice from the Destrier team, we were able to hit our stretch goal several months early, and we are now clearly established as the category leader. Destrier’s program management helped us fast-track our success – and is now ensuring that we are tuned in to the voice of the customer.”

Head of Peer Reviews, megavendor

“Destrier guided us in establishing a results-oriented enterprise peer review program based on industry best practice.

With the advice and hands-on guidance from Destrier’s peer reviews team, we were enabled to fast-track the launch of our peer reviews program.”