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Lead from the front – ensure your reviews performance reflects the full depth and scale of your capabilities. Drive industry and analyst awareness via a strong performance in the review charts. Our programs generate MQLs that unlock big-league deals.


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Take the express path to the top of your category with our proven approach – and reduce the rejection rate for genuine reviews. Destrier’s proprietary dashboards show – at a glance – how you’re performing – and how you stack up against the competition.

Don’t risk your reputation. Take the guesswork out of convincing your customers to leave five-star reviews.

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“In six weeks, we’ve gone from zero reviews to having upwards of 40 customers leaving a review, and we expect this number to increase as we get closer to our Magic Quadrant deadline.” – Head of Analyst Relations, leading industrial multinational

Dive deep into the data

Get ready for “wow” and “aha” moments. Translate data into actionable insights – and respond faster and more effectively to customer needs.

See how your campaigns are performing: Destrier’s patented dashboards provide vendors with instant visibility.

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