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Reputations take years to build – but just hours to destroy

Expert support in reputation management

Whether it’s dealing with a communications crisis, or in carefully planning internal and external communications around sensitive topics like organizational transformation, we provide expert support.

Restructuring often leads to redundancies and inevitably means change – and it doesn’t take much for discontent around internal issues to burst out into the media.

Manage issues effectively

A key measure is planning, testing and executing communications strategies to defend and protect brands – even when they stand accused of nefarious business practices such as fraud and corruption.

At times like these, saying nothing is not an effective strategy. Clear, crisp, focused, non-emotional and unambiguous communication are essential. It’s essential to make sure a plan is already in place – and tested – and it’s vital to stick to the plan.

In times of crisis, you can say goodbye to cool-headed decision-making. An effective reputation management strategy safeguards against emotional, pressure-driven decisions made in the heat of the moment – when most is at stake.

Tap into decades of experience

For decades, we have worked behind the scenes to provide discreet but highly effective strategic communications support, helping our clients deal with issues of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make sure our clients are prepared for (or at least, able to respond to) every eventuality.

Our experience ranges from long-term projects where our team is embedded within a corporate communications unit, through to one-offs where a little extra help is needed. We know the drill. We’re fast, effective and of course total discretion is guaranteed.

Apply some science

Our “fire combustion triangle” of reputation management highlights the three key things any issue needs to escalate into a crisis. Removing just one of these increases the chances of dousing the flames. For more, read our blog post.

We’re not just there for a rainy day – truly effective, successful issues management strategies are conceived and tested long in advance of any clouds appearing on the horizon.

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