KCG AR services are now widely available in mainland Europe for the first time, thanks to a partnership with Destrier Analyst Relations.

Industry AR is a growing market, as companies of all sizes in Europe place a greater emphasis on influencing the influencers: Analyst firms that have a hand in buying decisions, vendor shortlisting and even reviewing RFPs, in the technology, aviation and other industries.

The Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) is among the leading firms providing advisory services to companies looking to better understand the world of industry analyst relations. KCG delivers these award-winning analyst relations services through a broad portfolio of coaching, training and consultancy modules. Founded by Bill Hopkins, a former analyst at leading advisory firm Gartner, KCG also wrote the authoritative book on AR, Influencing the Influencers.

KCG AR services will now be delivered on the ground in mainland Europe in association with new strategic partner Destrier, led by 20-year industry analyst relations expert Simon Jones. Founded in 2016, Destrier is based in the German IT capital of Munich, in the heart of Europe, and provides strategic communications services to tech companies.

Critical mass in Europe for Analyst Relations
Stephen England, President & Partner at KCG, comments: “The analyst business has clearly gained critical mass in Europe – with more and more tech companies investing in dedicated Analyst Relations resources. Through teaming up with Destrier, we are able to ensure that these organizations have access to KCG’s portfolio of AR training and consultancy services. This means European firms can now use the full toolbox of AR tools and understand how to identify, engage and benefit from working with the analyst firms, as well as knowing how to pinpoint the analysts themselves who have the greatest potential impact on their business.”

Simon Jones, Managing Partner at Destrier, says: “Very often, companies consider truly effective analyst relations to be black magic. Many have dabbled in AR, often through PR firms that provide rudimentary AR outreach as an add-on, yet fail to grasp that AR is more than just filling a few gaps in a media tour schedule. The European market deserves better AR support and we’re excited about adding KCG AR services, including training and consultancy, to our portfolio of strategic communications services.”

Dr Carlo Velten, founder at independent analyst firm Crisp Research, based in Kassel, Germany, says: “Analyst firms like Crisp are always delighted to work with AR professionals who are familiar with the value-add that we can provide to their business. All too often, companies that don’t properly understand AR quite simply miss the chance to shine in reports or studies that have the potential to propel them to the front of their market – which means leaving deals on the table.”

About The Knowledge Capital Group
The Knowledge Capital Group Inc. (KCG) is the global leader and foremost authority for Industry Analyst Relations. KCG enables its clients to leverage improved Analyst Relations to increase sales. KCG is the first and only firm that was founded by former industry analysts and has helped over 500 technology vendors and over 1,500 Analyst Relations practitioners to improve their scores and the number of times they are shortlisted. KCG’s balanced insight into the Analyst Relations business is based on our best-selling book – “Influencing the Influencers”.

About Destrier AR
Founded in 2016, Destrier drives effective communication in the age of digital transformation. Our specialist AR practice was established in 2018, to highlight our increased focus on the business-critical area of industry analyst relations. Destrier’s team of senior AR strategists create and implement effective, integrated AR programs. Destrier is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with an international team around the globe.