Destrier AR has gone straight in to the global top three of Analyst Relations agencies, as ranked by industry analysts. The Analyst Relations Agency of the Year 2018 award, run by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR), reflects analysts’ recognition of agencies that are the best to work with.

Destrier’s top three placing comes just six months after we launched a dedicated AR practice. The accolade also confirms that Destrier is the top-ranking AR agency in Germany, according to the opinions of industry analysts.

Destrier AR Managing Partner Simon Jones says: “We welcome the powerful recognition by industry analysts that Destrier’s AR team is among the best in the business. For our clients, Destrier’s reputation means easier and faster access to the right analysts – leveraging our recognized industry-leading expertise and long-established working relationships.”

According to the IIAR: “The IIAR survey maps a deep field with 85 AR agencies identified by analysts, with a sizable spread between the top 30 agencies and the bottom 35 – all of the latter receiving negative scores. Large unspecialized agencies and PR freelancers were equally shunned by analysts, demonstrating the value of specialist AR skills and staff.”

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