By next Christmas, we promise that you’ll be sick of hearing about these five PR themes. Love them or loathe them already, they will dominate the news this year – and because they’re guaranteed to get media pick-up, every PR person will be trying to find their own unique angle.

If you’re trying to make your product, service or solution fit, then a word of caution: Be subtle. Journalists are already under bombardment by PR people, and it’s only going to get worse, as publications continue to shrink their editorial teams. These five themes are surefire topics for the media in 2017, but use with caution…

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It started in 2016 with claims that the Russians hacked the US election – and Yahoo! admitting that a billion account had been breached. Without a doubt, 2017 will be a big year for security breaches, ransomware and identity theft. Our advice: Backup, encrypt and use unique passwords.

IoT misunderstood

IoT: Not just about smart TVs and toasters

Just because more toasters, smart TVs and washing machines are internet-enabled, this doesn’t mean they’re the real focus of the IoT. In fact, the true value of the IoT is in connected sensors doing very mundane tasks that people don’t want to or just can’t do – like monitoring electric motors in factories, and the humidity of soil on far-flung plantations.


Will they or won't they?

Over in the UK, the media will be obsessing – even more – on Brexit. We’re past the initial shock and awe, so will 2017 be time for action? While the Government works out what to do, you can bet that ruthless PRs will be blaming Brexit for everything from inflation to an influx of funny-shaped bananas.

President Trump

Like it or not, he's the boss now

Loathsome as the thought might be to approximately half of the US population – and what seems to be the majority of the media outside the US, then you need to face reality and accept that Donald Trump is about to take over as POTUS. Our hope is that the media will focus on serious issues related to the Trump presidency and stop obsessing over that hair.

Climate change

Clouds on the horizon

The weather. One of the media’s favorite topics. A gift that keeps on giving. When it snows, we “could be” in the grip of the coldest spell in our lifetimes. When it doesn’t snow, it’s the fault of global warming. Earthquakes, monsoons and melting polar ice caps alike – global warming and climate change is a PR favorite, with many tenuous links to be made…