Are enterprises really making multi-million dollar technology investments based on Yelp-style peer reviews, or is it all hot air?

Enterprise peer review sites like G2, Gartner Peer Insights, IT Central Station and TrustRadius are attracting venture capital investment and building inventories running to hundreds of thousands of real-world reviews from enterprise technology buyers and users, across thousands of categories – from ad tech through to yard management.

But are these sites really influencing enterprise buyers? Which sites are the most important? How should an enterprise get started? And which department is responsible for managing these sites? The answers to all these questions, and many more, are in our new publication, Enterprise Peer Reviews: A Playbook for Vendors – the tech industry’s comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering enterprise peer reviews.

Tracking the growing influence of enterprise peer review sites

Outlining how to develop strategies and highlight best practices in managing the leading enterprise review sites, the Playbook is backed by in-depth research, including interviews with review sites, marketers, customer success teams, and AR professionals working for vendors.

For vendors, a winning approach to managing reviews is about much more than just asking customers to provide a rating. It’s about understanding customer sentiment, leveraging user reviews as part of sales and marketing programs, and product development. As review inventories grow, the major peer rating sites offer vendors increasing levels of insight and provide a new source of sales leads, giving vendors a chance to plug review data into CRM systems like Salesforce and marketing automation platforms like Marketo.

Unrivaled insights into the full market landscape

The Playbook provides unrivaled insights, explains the market landscape, and provides a step-by-step guide, from getting started to developing advanced plays. It explains the importance of cleaning up your profile, insights on how to build an effective inventory of reviews, outlines how to integrate peer reviews into marketing campaigns, and shares advanced strategies such as how to weaponize reviews.

For all review sites, one thing is crucial: trust. The Playbook explores the constant trade-off between generating large volumes of reviews and ensuring they are honest and truthful and provides insights into the steps that sites take to validate reviews. Finally, the Playbook takes a look into the future – in a world where the use of artificial intelligence will start to influence vendor selection.

Playbook now available to order: Developed jointly by Destrier AR and KCG, Enterprise Peer Reviews: A Playbook for Vendors is available now. If you’d like to know more, visit the new Playbook website.