Analysts have confirmed for a second year in a row that they prefer to work with top agencies like Destrier AR.

As voted by industry analysts, Destrier moved up from third to joint second place in the IIAR’s 2019 AR Agency of the Year poll.

In its annual poll, the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations asked analysts to rank agencies in terms of knowledge, understanding and ability to deliver. In total, the IIAR screened a total of 84 firms.

Last year, Destrier was a new entry in the charts, storming to third place. It’s a great repeat endorsement to climb to second place this year, says Destrier AR founder and Managing Partner Simon Jones. The IIAR’s survey also highlighted how smaller agencies performed far better than bigger firms, and are preferred by analysts to PR agencies trying to add on AR.

“Our strong ranking underlines that for vendors looking for the best possible results, it pays to work with an agency that’s highly rated by analysts,” says Simon.

“Analyst Relations has a direct influence on sales. It’s a disadvantage for any vendor to put a key strategic initiative in the hands of an AR agency that isn’t highly rated by analysts – or worse still, a PR firm that doesn’t understand the difference between PR and AR,” says Simon. “Putting AR in the wrong hands places an unnecessary risk on your sales pipeline.”

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