Analyst firm Omdia taps into user review data from TrustRadius

Analyst firm Omdia is integrating user review data from TrustRadius in its newly launched flagship Universe series of reports. It’s a crucial part of what Omdia calls “connecting the dots across the entire technology value chain”.

Universe is Omdia’s new Vendor Selection methodology. The firm says it is “designed to robustly and holistically assess key vendors in growing and established technology markets”.

Omdia is giving its reports an additional dimension by tapping into reviews from TrustRadius, one of the “big three” enterprise review sites alongside Gartner Peer Insights and G2. The data from TrustRadius highlights the experience customers have had with their solution.

As Omdia bids to increase its share of wallet from enterprise buyers, it has introduced the Universe series to help buyers with vendor selection. Universe reports evaluate and make recommendations based on each vendor’s capability, presenting a robust new challenge to Gartner’s long-established Magic Quadrants – with a specific focus on real-world customer experience.

Key questions answered by the Universe series include:

  • Who are the leading companies selling into my industry?
  • How do their solutions compare in terms of technical capabilities and user experience?
  • Who would be the easiest partner to work with?
  • Which one meets my technical needs?
  • What has been the experience of companies like mine?
  • Who can meet my current requirements but also meet my future needs?

More in-depth than other Omdia reports, the Universe methodology “combines Omdia’s independent expert research with real-world user feedback from TrustRadius, to compare vendors in terms of their solutions’ capabilities, user experience, and market presence”.

Omdia says the tie-in “allows us to gauge customer experience in a unique way”. It has already started on the first 14 Universe reports, ranging from hybrid and multi-cloud management to machine learning ops and IT security services. The full list is here.

Megan Headley, TrustRadius VP of Research, commented: “We’ve all observed the growing democratization of software purchasing. It’s no longer centralized around a 2×2 on the CIO’s desk. Buying committees have grown. Buyers rely on reviews and direct feedback from users to inform their decision. But it’s still hard to decide which products to evaluate, especially in crowded markets. The Omdia Universe brings together valuable analyst research and direct user feedback from reviews on TrustRadius. It’s the quintessential tool for buyers who seek to truly understand which product fits their use case based on both expert market analysis as well as real customer experience.”

Our take:

  • The introduction of Universe reports is the latest proof that parent company Informa continues to invest in the relaunched, rebranded analyst firm.
  • Through Informa Tech, Omdia already has access to thousands of tech buyers and vendors across hundreds of markets.
  • For Omdia, the tie-in with TrustRadius adds a new dimension of insight from real-world buyers.
  • For TrustRadius, it’s a good move in terms of scale and reach for its reviews, which are often more in-depth than those posted on G2 or Gartner Peer Insights.
  • Overall, it’s further proof that enterprise peer reviews are here to stay as part of the buyer ecosystem.