Gartner adds communities to GPI

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Gartner adds communities to GPI Gartner has given its Peer Insights homepage a new address and a fresh new look as it starts to integrate a peer reviews community, based on its mid-2021 acquisition of member knowledge community site Pulse Q&A. The official narrative: “Gartner acquired Pulse to create an enhanced community experience and empower business and technology leaders to make peer-led decisions, beyond technology purchasing. “Pulse brings [...]

Here’s why your first 100 enterprise peer reviews are so critical

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Here's why your first 100 enterprise peer reviews are so critical There’s been a surge in the success of enterprise peer review sites like Gartner Peer Insights, G2 and TrustRadius. Gartner is close to 400,000 enterprise reviews, TrustRadius has 286,000 and G2 is well on its way to the two-millionth review overall, although not all are around enterprise products, services and solutions. But the success of these platforms [...]

Enterprise peer review site G2 now also an analyst firm

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Peer review site G2 is enhancing its business offerings by extending its core research team to look much more like an industry analyst firm. Spearheaded by Chief Research Officer Michael Fauscette (ex-IDC), VP Applications Research Robert Mahowald (ex-451 and IDC) and VP Cloud and Technology Research Tom Pringle (ex-Ovum), the firm is adding new thought leaders and tools to its flagship customer review-based products. G2's Robert Mahowald [...]

Why you can’t afford to ignore peer review sites

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Smart start-ups have discovered a fast track into coveted Gartner Magic Quadrant reports – leaving established, old enterprise players trailing. Across multiple markets, emerging vendors are leveraging a wave of peer reviews from customers to surf into leadership positions

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